Colorado – Safeco Homeowners Insurance Mobile App

Voice and Mobile apps

Make insurance part of your digital life. Try them out today!  Don’t have your Auto Insurance and Home Insurance with Safeco?  Call Today for your free quotes!  877-857-9504

Safeco Mobile app for your iOS and Android devices delivers your online account in a mobile-friendly format, easily accessed via your smartphone or tablet. You can quickly pull up your ID cards, make a payment, manage your policies, and submit a claim and accident photos.
You can also review your policy, call for roadside assistance, and check the status of your claim, and more – whenever and wherever you are!


Insurance Advisor Skill for Alexa

Alexa Insurance Advisory

Curious about insurance? Then enable the Insurance Advisor skill for Alexa, the voice-controlled personal assistant on Amazon’s Echo, Tap and Dot devices. Safeco’s Insurance Advisor quickly answers common insurance questions, such as “Why is a vehicle considered a total loss?”, and it can look up independent insurance agents in your area, too. Work with your independent agent for quotes, rate comparisons and more. And, turn to Alexa any time you come across an insurance term you just don’t understand. No need to reach for your tablet. Just ask Alexa!

Home Inventory App

Catalog your belongings and be ready for a personal property claim.


What: A free app that guides you through creating an inventory of your personal belongings and their value, using photos, receipts and more. It’s quick, easy, and you can upload your home inventory to the cloud – all for free.

Who: For everyone, including homeowners and renters alike, not just Safeco customers. Really, everyone.

Why: Because you love your stuff, and having a catalog of it comes in handy when you file a personal property claim on your homeowners insurance or renters insurance. It helps expedite the claim and ensure you’re properly reimbursed.

This Safeco app for iPhone and iPad walks you step-by-step through creating a home inventory. Include photos, receipts and more as part of your home inventory so you have a detailed account of your belongings. It will come in handy if some or all of your stuff is stolen or damaged. You can even use it when filing a personal property claim with your homeowners insurance or renters insurance. Once you’ve created your home inventory, save it to the cloud for free.